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Some Problems and Stumbling Blocks

Some of the problems I'm trying to track down:

Last First Issue
O'Connor Maurice Finding any records of birth or death. The only references are on Michael's marriage, Sellers history and census, but there is not much to tie these all together.
Lynch Mary Finding any records of birth or death. Mary Lynch is probably the wife of Maurice O'Connor - the first to settle in St-Anicet
Leroux Bernadette Missing date of death (probably in Michigan), date of birth/death of 2nd husband (Joseph La Pradd) or any information (including marriage) to 3rd husband (Joseph Mayes)
McCann John The link to his parents Henry/Isabella Gilmar is still somewhat speculative
McCann Margaret Daughter of Samuel and Bernadette Leroux. Disappears after the 1930 US Census. Cannot find record of birth or death. Possibly adopted?
McCann Mary Ann Disappears after 1910 marriage to Joseph Haworth. Probably died in Hamilton, Ontario
McCann John Living with Ovila and Maggie in 1921. No death record. Probably  remained single.
McCann George Henry Nothing after birth/death of third child to Mary Ann Oswald in 1921.
Smeadl Mehitable Determining her exact date of death. She died between Deerfield and Montreal shortly after the raid on Deerfield. Knowing her exact DOD can help pinpoint the location.
Walsh Walter Was presumably born in Ireland in 1806 and came to Canada before 1839. Looking for where in Ireland and when immigrated.
Watson Samuel Died before Margaret's marriage in 1876. No mention of spouses name or where in Ireland they are from