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Wikipedia.Can't say enough good about it.It could be said thatI rely too much on Wikipedia,but overall it ranks as one of the better sources.There are a tremendous amountof books that I have also referenced,but for general history,it is rare that Wikipedia does not have an equally goodwriteup.It is very much worth donating to - it's a tremendous resource.

Leroux/O'Connor specific

Leroux & Compagnie - A site on the Leroux family

The Lalonde's are a big part of the Leroux family line, and includes some interesting people (Newsy Lalonde!). There is a great Lalonde family history here.

Les Cèdres

Wikipedia: Les Cèdres

Wikipedia: Soulange Canal

Les Filles Du Roi

Programme de recherche en démographie historique, a program from the Université de Montréal. Background on the program is here, and the list of Filles du Roi that I've been using as a master list is here.

La Société des Filles du roi et soldats du Carignan. Includes a version of the list of the Filles du Roi

Historica Canada page

Wikipedia page


Killed and Captive 29 Feb 1704

Nims Family - Not in our bloodline, but related via marriage in the Lalonde family

General Family History

FamilySearch.org - Family history sponsored by the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Genealogy of Canada - Generally well researched (ties to PRDH/Drouin). Particularily strong for French Canadian ancestry

Misc Links

1666 Montreal Census - includes several maps of Montreal

Maps of Montreal 1650-1672


Again, Wikipedia is my go-to source, although cross-validated with other books - Alison Weir has a good one on English/Scottish royalty.

List of English monarchs

List of Scottish monarchs

List of French monarchs