Longevity over Time

The data shown is only as good as what I have in the database, and that is not complete, so these charts should be taken as representations of the age at death. A key component to the calculation of longevity is the number of infant mortality. Since genealogy focuses on ancestry of individuals, there is a tendency to work with those that lived, married and had children first, and this is no exception. While there are quite a few children that died young, the list is nowhere near complete.

I toyed with using death year as the basis for grouping the data, under the premise that health care progressed over time, but ultimately used birth year as the grouping. I'd be curious on people’s opinions on the subject.

Each bar on the chart represents a decade. I chose the starting year as 1500 and the end year as 1920 as the sample size of births and deaths outside of this range is currently fairly small.

Three charts are shown: Combined Male and Female, Male only and Female only.

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This section shows longevity for Males only.

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This section shows longevity for Females only.

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