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I'm a story teller

I remember one evening in Bangalore, quite a few years back, when the international management team I ws a part of was having dinner with our Indian team. At one point, the conversation was slowing, and my boss looked over at me and said "Marc, do you have a story you can tell?" Another of our management team spoke up and said "Marc always has a story he can tell."

I'm a storyteller. I love telling stories. I love writing them. One of the reasons I wanted to make this website is because I wanted to get back to writing, if only for myself.

I've written two self published books for family, one on my Grandfather's experience in the First World War, the second a book of short stories I wrote as a Christmas present for Penney a few years back. Both will be on this site, and I want to add others that I've started to work on over the years.  

This will evolve over time. I'll start with the material I already have, then add some new ones: