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Welcome home!

I travel frequently for business, so this section is very much a play on words.

These pages are simply some of the interests I have and the projects I'm working on. They interest me - perhaps others as well - but at the end of the day I'm doing this for myself


This is still very much under construction - it probably always will be, but moreso now. I needed to start somewhere.

My Two Dawgs

Bodey, Dodger and Gracey came to live with us in 2008. They all came from broken homes and ended up in an adoption center. We met with them and they decided that they'd give us a try ... we lost Bodey a couple of years ago, but Dodger and Gracey are still here so we're doing something right.

Dodger DawgGracey Dawg

Family History

A long time ago my brother Gerry got me interested in Genealogy. We've collaborated for many years developing our family history. We have roots that extend back to the early settlers in North America and our ancestors played a big role in the founding of Canada. I love history, because by nature I am a story teller, and we have a lot of stories in our family history. The genealogy of my family roots - the French Leroux side and the Irish O'Connor side can be seen here.

Staying Busy

Odds and ends